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Castle Garden

Beyond the Rusty Garden Gate

A forgotten path.

You walk down a long-hidden path to find a rusty garden gate laced with vines and overgrown weeds, a seemingly forgotten entrance. You search your memory, retracing your steps that led you here, but can't quite recall how you found this place. Yet something is familiar, comforting, and it draws you closer. Your heart begins to beat faster, your breaths come a bit quicker as you peer past the intricate but neglected gate. Off in the distance you swear you see  a building that looks like a castle rising up amidst lush rolling hills and as you focus off in the distraction a  catches your eye. Much closer a figure emerges from a path, tending a beautiful garden. He stops, seemingly sensing your presence, and turns to you. Your heart jumps and your instinct is to turn and run down the path leaving the mysterious gate behind. You stand your ground, heart racing now as the stranger stands facing you. From this distance you can't make out any expression on his face but something draws you to him, something warm and comforting, something long forgotten. For a long moment the two of you face each other silently until he ever so slowly extends his hand, beckoning you to come to him. Butterflies explode in your tummy and r hand tremblesvasv you think about going to him. Will you take the step, take the leap, face your fears and see what lays beyondv the rusty garden gate?

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Dot Waves
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